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DISCLAIMER: We always recommend doing your cold exposure with adequate safety measures, in a controllable environment, preferably at home or at a workshop with a certified instructor. Always consult a medical professional before doing breath-work or cold exposure if you feel you are at risk. Cotswold Breath and Body always pays attention to their personal safety first and the cold water second and are trained professionals. Please do not copy what you see in this blog.

Welcome to a series that'll spring up on the blog every couple of weeks or so.

"Coffee & Cold"

Many people find that nature has a plethora of stunning, (and cold!) water spots that can save them hundreds of pounds on ice in the long run. While we recommend you follow our disclaimer above, personally at Cotswold Breath and Body we want to document our own adventures into nature and bring you the very best wild cold water spots, the safety measures we look for and an overall rating of the spot. As well as the nearest and best "proper" coffee shops to warm up afterwards. To provide an entertaining and informative guide to the best cold water the British Isles has to offer.

As well as providing pictures and the physical location we will also rate each spot with the below system.

Depth: Shins - Hips - Head

Current: Still - Gentle - Fast

Entry: Easy - Medium - hard

River bed: Mud - Sand - Rock

People: Not a soul - 1 Man and his dog - Tourist hot spot

Distance to Coffee: in km

"Distance to coffee", is of particular importance, at least to resident Cotswold Breath and Body coffee aficionado, Olivia. Re-warming after cold exposure is perhaps the most important thing. If you come to one our or workshops you will learn all about the concept of an after-drop and the benefit of rewarming yourself from the inside out not putting on clothes or jumping into a hot shower. However, once all of those elements are taken care of and you are in that beautiful post cold, re warmed, powerful peace, it can be fantastic to have a lovely proper coffee. Finding proper coffee shops near these wonderful spots can turn a dip into a day trip and in our opinion is well worth including. Why not make a day of it?

A tase of what's to come...

We have been hard at work cataloguing Coffee & Cold over the last year for our own use and have decided to share what we found with everyone. Here are a few up-and-coming spots to wet and then freeze your whistle before they appear on the blog.

Places we have been so far...

  • The Cotswolds (...obviously)

  • Southern Wales

  • Western Scotland

  • Southern England

  • and many more...

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