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  • Where do you run Wim Hof Method Workshops?
    We regularly run our public workshops in Gloucestershire, Cardiff and Kent. Our one-to-one and two-to-one sessions are held in the Cotswolds, where we are based. We are always open to finding special new spaces around the UK for our workshops so please do get in touch if you have a location you think is perfect.
  • How can I pay to attend a workshop?
    Our public Wim Hof Method workshops are all booked through the official Wim Hof Method website here. You will notice that all prices are shown and booked in euros (€99.00 is approximately £85.00). Private workshops and one-to-one sessions are booked directly with Cotswold Breath and Body. You'll be invoiced directly once your session has been confirmed. Payments can then be made via PayPal, credit/debit card or bank transfer.
  • When and where are your next workshops?
    A full list of our upcoming Wim Hof Method workshops and classes can be found on the Wim Hof Method website here.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Full Terms and Conditions for public Wim Hof Method workshop bookings can be found here. Fees paid for private workshops and one-to-one bookings are non-refundable. Where possible we will do our best to accommodate date changes should you not be able to attend your planned session. As we purchase workshop supplies before each session such as ice (lots of it!), we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to cover our costs should you not be able to attend your workshop as planned at late notice.
  • What is the Wim Hof Method?
    The Wim Hof Method official website is a fantastic resource of information. You can find lots of information on the Method and how it works here.


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