My name is Jamie. I'm not a life coach, I know what has helped me and what the science has proven works. I know what I know, what has helped me and what the science has proven works. I am a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and what I found in the Wim Hof Method has been and continues to be so effective for me that I became compelled to start this company and share it with as many people as possible. No dogma. No strings. No standing in a bath of ice worshiping Zorb. Find it if you want, see how you feel and what it can do for you.

Passing my Wim Hof Instructor Certification with the WIm Hof team

When I was 23 I was paralysed with a rare auto immune condition called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Doctors said there was no cure and I should take 15 pills a day for the rest of my life. Now, thanks to breathing and cold, nearly 10 years later I am not taking any of them. I have more energy than I did 10 years ago and I am running half marathons for fun (and I always hated running!).  


The Wim Hof Method isn't a magic pill. I made a lot of progress in the early years on my own, eating better, exercising better, meditating, (via an app). But I reached a point where I had plataeued. My desire to be the most well I had ever been regardless of condition had reached an immovable object.


That was when the Wim Hof Method came into my life and with commitment and practise it blew through my limits and changed my health for the better.


It started when I saw a video interview online of a man with my condition in an ice bath, because why not, saying how he was happier and healthier than ever, walking without crutches and taking no medication. I looked into the Wim Hof Method, specifically the scientific studies that are its foundation, (of which there are many, see; https://www.wimhofmethod.com/science for the story so far), it all stood up, excuse the pun. However, I didn't really think it would work like that for me but I was committed to being the most well I had ever been, so began practising.


I would practise the breathing on my own every morning guided by general internet videos.  I was getting a lot wrong and really just playing in the dark.  I wanted to know more, have someone check my practise and guide me where needed. My fiancé found you can learn in person from a certified instructor. So we booked a workshop just like the ones I now run and did 4 hours of breathing exercises, eating, talking, laughing and ended it all with an ice bath.  

After that first Ice Bath, I felt so alive, so in control and powerful.  The sense of completion I got from doing it was incredible. I didn't know what was going on inside my body but I kept it up. I had cold showers everyday and I did the breathing every morning. Eventually I got a water butt and left it out in my garden for at-home-ice-baths. Then a year later I thought, "I don't think I need my pain medication anymore", and I was right! As long as I breathed and went into the cold I didn't need it! I could finally get rid of the remainder of the medication I'd tried for 8 years to leave behind. I started wanting to cycle and run long distances, where before cardio had ruined my delicately balanced health it now elevated it.

All of you will come to the method for different reasons. Some may have physical medical conditions, some may have mental health conditions, some may just be feeling stale and desperate for a change. Or you may just be curious, perhaps looking for an edge? Whatever your reasons are, welcome. I encourage you to practise in your daily life and go to a workshop near you with a certified Wim Hof instructor that can guide you through it.  When I first started I was missing so much, seeing a professional really started me off on the right track. Then take it into your own life and just see how you feel, how you think. It may just change your life. It changed mine. 



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